Saturday 3 March 2018
Agrigento - Festival of Almond Blossoms
The Almond Blossom Festival is a popular festival of the city of Agrigento that, according to tradition, is repeated every year at the beginning of February and lasts for a week. The goal is to celebrate the advance of t...
La Gastronomia e i piatti tipici delle Isole Pelagie -
Linosa. It's easy to imagine that on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean specialties are based on fish. Stewed, pickled or grilled, those who...
Itinerario costiero - Alla scoperta della costa ovest - 4 itinerari tra mare ed entroterra
Vacations including archeology, history, tradition and nature. Itineraries for discovering the beaches, reserves, oasis, sun, sea, landscapes and love...