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Among the numerous entertainment initiatives taken during the year in Sciacca, the most important is undoubtedly the Carnival. The ancient origins, dating back to around the end of the nineteenth century, make it a phenomenon peculiar to enthusiasm and participation in Sicily contends annually the record with that of Acireale. Historians say that the origins of this festival are based on the famous Saturnalia, the Roman festivities celebrated every year in honor of the god Saturn that were loose the bonds of the servants and all men in those days were considered equal. A magnificent and healthy madness popular Sciacca transforms into a kaleidoscope of lights and colors in which the doctor dresses as a farmer, the farmer fisherman and so on while the party rages in the alleys and streets of the city and it all ends with stake mask Peppi Nappa King of Carnival of Sciacca, a symbol of the tragic end of a period of happiness.

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Event end date: 05/03/2019
Event start date: 28/02/2019
Name: Carnival