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17 Km from Agrigento, Cumatino, on the hill, from which it takes its name lies Comitini, small town of about 1000 inhabitants founded by Gastone from Bellacera in the late fifteenth century .. country with an economy dominated by agriculture, in the past also had a significant development through the exploitation of the nearby sulfur mines whose operations began in early 1800 and finished in the 50s of last century, came to employ more than 1,200 people, many of whom came from neighboring towns. Comitini is a small village very characteristic as the social life of its inhabitants takes place around Piazza Umberto I remained almost intact from its origins and harmoniously set in the suggestive context of its nineteenth century buildings that evoke a past flourishing.

Monuments to visit


In Piazza Umberto I, I am considering the most representative buildings: the Cathedral Church, St. James Major Apostle century. XVIII, the Town Hall, sec. XVIII, and the palace Bellacera (1631), home to a rich library of about 11,000 volumes and a Antiquarium- Mining Museum (inside photographs, samples of the mineral and tools, documenting the technique of extraction of sulfur through centuries, and the hard life of many, not only men but also women and children, their livelihood from this activity until a few decades ago). The Antiquarium, also collects the archaeological finds in the archaeological zone - Petra Calathansuderj.


Not to be missed

A 5 km from the village, to the archaeological ruins - Petra Calathansuderj