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Archeological Site of Licata - From the bronze age to the Greek-Roman settlements
92027 Licata
      Licata has surprising and great archaeological value. It is full of undeniable proof that highlights the history of the city and satisfies the cultur...

Archeological Site of Eraclea Minoa - The Greek Theatre
Eraclea Minoa - 92011 Cattolica Eraclea
    The archaeological site of Eraclea Minoa (antique name Cattolica Eraclea) - is a site of great importance and is fascinating for its strategic location. The...

Archeological Site of the Rock of Calathansuderj
SP 51 - 92020 Comitini
A 5 km from the village of Comitini, you reach the Rock of Calathansuderj (its name of Arab origin). It is an isolated rock mass 30 meters high that looks full of caves and tombs....

Archeological Site of Serra di Furore and the Paleocristian Catacomb Complex
Contrada Canale - 92028 Naro
On Canale road, in the southeast center of Naro (S.S. 576 for Agrigento), there is an archaeologically important prehistoric center, dating back to the Copper and Bronze Ages (III-...

Archeological Museum
Via Passeggiata Archeologica - 92100 Agrigento
Tel. 0922-20524
   The wonderful Archaeological Museum is a must for anyone who comes to visit Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples . It was built in the early sixties in what was...

Archeological site of Villa Romana Durrueli
Contrada Durrueli - Punta Piccola - 92010 Realmonte
      A few kilometers from the town of Realmonte, one meets a divided road indicating the archaeological site of the Roman Villa of "Durrueli" (first century AD....

Vito Soldano Archeological Site
Contrada Vito Soldano - 92024 Canicattì
    On the trail of past ancient civilizations   Six kilometers from Canicattì between the SS 122 and the unpaved road between Canicattì...

The Luigi Pirandello House Museum
Contrada Caos - 92100 Agrigento
Unmissable combination of art, history and nature. "Facing the edge of a blue, clay plateau on the African sea ...     At about four kilometers from the historic cen...