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Tower of Carlo V
Via Molo - 92014 Porto Empedocle


To defend the ancient Port of Girgenti, today known as Porto Empedocle, this tower was built in the fifteenth century to aid against pirate raids.

In the sixteenth century, during the age of Charles V, there was a total reconstruction of the entire building. Due to the considerable thickness of its up to 2 meters wide walls, it was later used as a local prison.

This square structure has a length of 26.20 meters on each side. The Tower of Carlo V is well preserved. It is open for guided tours and is home to artistic and cultural initiatives and activities.


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Name: Tower of Carlo V
By car From Agrigento: 5 Km SS 115 By bus From Agrigento: LUMIA SALVATORE Line, Tel 0922 20414 / S.A.L. - SOCIETA' AUTOLINEE LICATA S.R.L.Tel.0922 401360 Open every day, including holidays from 9am until 1pm and from 4pm until 8pm.