> Ribera, city of oranges
Ribera, city of oranges

The romantic area of Ribera, which stretches between the hills and the blue sea of the Mediterranean, offers the eye of the visitor stretches of orange groves.

Ribera, in fact, is famous for the production of extremely delicious varieties of "Washington Navel" oranges, rich in vitamin C, unmistakable for its flavor, the light pulp , juicy and seedless; antioxidant, helps strengthen the immune system. These properties and organoleptic characteristics are guaranteed by the group "Ribera Orange of Sicily" (The Riberelle).

The Riberella can be consumed as fresh fruit or juice. It is indicated for use in the kitchen in the preparation of appetizers, digestives, in first and second courses. It makes excellent salads, sweets and desserts. It's good to consume even in the evening for its high digestibility.

Do not forget, finally, the wild strawberries from Ribera, tiny, tasty and deep red.

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Name: Ribera, city of oranges