> On the table - products from the sea
On the table - products from the sea

The cuisine of Porto Empedocle, Realmonte Siculiana Montallegro, Cattolica Eraclea and Sciacca is rich in fragrant products, flavors that are made of a delicious balance between land and sea. Tasty meals and the rich scents of the Mediterranean and of the products of the crystalline sea, served with local wines.

Along this route you can find many restaurants serving local specialties, especially the pasta with sardines, sardines warbler, the eggplant caponata and many other classic dishes distinct taste and typically Sicilian.

It 'a rich and varied cuisine, the result of the combination of sea products and those of the earth; This is the case of "cuttlefish soup" of Siculiana, a delicious dish and intense flavors of which below we present the recipe

In Sciacca, needless to say, the fruit of the generous Mediterranean sea are the masters. The fish here is an important element of the local economy. Many are, in fact, small businesses that operate in Sciacca in the processing and storage of oily fish. Often their headquarters are located in warehouses in the port, so that the fish (sardines, anchovies, tuna, mackerel, etc.) Freshly caught is immediately processed and stored, keeping intact all its original flavor. It 'goes without saying that the local restaurants found in fish their strength for a deli nothing short of excellent. In Sciacca you can enjoy some typical dishes belonging to the traditional Sicilian seafood. Among them is the famous "to 'gliotta" a fish soup that fishermen preparing their boats in a fishing and the other. Here no shortage of fish couscous and all those fine pasta dishes where seafood, prawns and various shellfish go hand in hand with the inevitable spaghetti, without forgetting the succulent pasta with sardines to sciacchitana. For the second fish there will be spoiled for choice, of any type and variety, in soup, roasted, fried, to feel on the palate the scent of the sea Agrigento. After the meal do not forget dessert: you can choose from the many varieties of cakes with cream cheese, or the traditional "ova mouse" (eel eggs). A must taste the "cucchiteddi", the "nucatuli", the "turchetti", are the sweets that were originally prepared by the skilled hands of the nuns of the monastery of St. Mary dell'Itria and now you can enjoy in the various bakeries of Sciacca where skilled pastry chefs have been able to recreate in lorolaboratori ancient fragrances of these monastic delicacies.



The recipe (for 4 persons)


Soup cuttlefish


Ingredients: - 200 gr spaghetti chopped - cuttlefish 500 gr - 200 gr peas - 200 gr potatoes - sedano- 200 gr cheese - wild fennel - 250 gr chopped tomatoes - onions - oil extra virgin

- Salt, pepper


Clean the squid and cut into small pieces. In a high-sided pan, fry the onion and add the squid, brown them, making sure to wet them with water. Bring to a boil and add the chopped tomatoes, shredded fennel, peas, celery into pieces and boil again for 10 minuti.Trascorso this time, add the potatoes cut into small cubes and water if necessary, cook .

Add cooked pasta and drizzle with olive oil, cheese into small pieces and a handful of wild fennel.

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