> Gastronomy and typical dishes of the Pelagie Islands -
Gastronomy and typical dishes of the Pelagie Islands -

Linosa. It's easy to imagine that on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean specialties are based on fish. Stewed, pickled or grilled, those who love to dine on fish and seafood will not be spoiled for choice as it goes without saying that you will find every kind and it is always fresh. There's no shortage of lentil soup, which seasoned with olive oil and pepper is unique. The pasta is made with fish sauce or shellfish. The tomato salad drizzled with delicious capers, olive oil, oregano, salt, basil and a little pepper, makes a dish in itself. There are plenty of traditional Sicilian ricotta sweets and tarts made with local grape jam and "buccellati" (biscuits stuffed with fig preserves). And in summer the ice cream or the not-to-miss slush in the classic lemon flavor, mulberry or prickly pear, perhaps accompanied by a warm and tasty brioscina.


Lampedusa. The cuisine of Lampedusa in its hotels, as well as in the various restaurants and inns scattered around the island, is always excellent and genuine. You eat well everywhere. It is easy to see, the highlight of the local gastronomy is obviously the fish. Here, as in Linosa, it fully satisfies the most discerning palates. The fragrant sauces for spaghetti, rigatoni, penne, simple soups, grilled dishes, and the delicious couscous with vegetables and fish, all have a common denominator: the freshness of each dish. Here the only slogan could be: Fish? Caught, cooked and eaten.

Like any vacation spot, for the pizza diehards there are plenty of places where you can taste the most traditional or the most imaginative. Excellent ice cream and slushies, or the inevitable cannoli afterwards, to lightly complement each meal.


The fish in Lampedusa, as well as in Linosa, has a flavour enhanced within the local cuisine: among the first courses, worth mentioning, is the island spaghetti. The second dishes are delicious and fragrant, such as snapper baked with beef broth and the baked carace.

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