> Agrigento: land of a thousand flavors
Agrigento: land of a thousand flavors

The Agrigento region is truly unique and wonderful; a territory from sea salt to rolling hills interspersed with plains and valleys and then up in the mountain areas. Admiration for the architectural and landscape heritage of the many art centers combine the flavors and delights of gastronomy and local products.

The unique natural environment, an ancient pastoral tradition, rural and marine, the influences of the peoples arrived on the island are the ingredients of an unmistakable gastronomy. So a very varied cuisine, from the sea dishes shellfish, oily fish and seafood.

From the mountains and valleys dishes with strong flavors of meat and cheese. There is no lack artichokes, vegetables, citrus fruits, almonds, pistachios and even olive groves and vineyards, oil and wine havens that offer fragrances and flavors.

Just a slice of bread to savor the aroma of extra virgin olive oil. Follow the scent of vineyards and further into the wine route. Many are the wineries and olive mills some internationally renowned oil and wine brand Doc


The variety of this beautiful area offers visitors the chance to discover routes of taste, a unique opportunity to get into the heart and in the true spirit of this land.

On the whole province are popular restaurants, taverns. There are numerous farms, equipped for the hospitality and surrounded by nature where you can taste the local agricultural products, while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the countryside of Agrigento. Just as many wineries, for a discovery tour of the Wine Lands Sicane.

Links are presented in different dishes and typical local products for each city in the province of Agrigento. Are paths that follow a succession of places according to geographical areas and the typical local food, paths are at your service to guide in this world of tastes and flavors ...


Tourists also can treat yourself to a visit in the different locations, and organize a real gastronomic tour at many events, religious rituals, festivals and local festivals, these events are the best time to know fully the spirit of welcome dell'agrigentino.

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