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Nature Reserve - Maccalube
92021 Aragona



R.N.O. Macalube

Aragona is known mainly for its "Maccalube", an area in which leakage from the soil of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide create explosive phenomena, which create a particularly impressive natural spectacle similar to a lunar landscape. It is a rare, geological phenomenon that because of its similarity to volcanic sediment is called "sedimentary volcanism". The soil consists of a series of cones of cold mud pushed to the surface by gases that escape the underground through a series of discontinuities present in the ground. The whole area is protected and is now a nature reserve created to protect and preserve this rare phenomenon.

Info: To visit the Nature Reserve of Macalube:

The reserve is free access on foot;

Reservations for guided tours and area information, contact:

Office of the Reserve via Salvatore La Rosa, 53-92021 Aragona (AG)

Tel. & Fax 699 210 0922. E-mail: macalube@tin.it



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Name: Nature Reserve - Maccalube