> The discovery of the coast - 4 routes to the west between the sea and inland
The discovery of the coast - 4 routes to the west between the sea and inland

Vacations including archeology, history, tradition and nature. Itineraries for discovering the beaches, reserves, oasis, sun, sea, landscapes and lovely views.

The province of Agrigento is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sicily, but often it is known only for the Valley of the Temples. Yet its coastline offers an incredible variety of attractions that offer visitors an unforgettable experience. There is 126 km of coastline, starting with Porto Palo, Menfi, in Licata - a natural terrace that spills into the Mediterranean Sea. And a succession of beaches of fine sand, cliffs of white rock and nature reserves. It stretches from the sea towards the beautiful inland, created by nature, historical towns, castles and archaeological sites. This natural piece of art, pleasantly colorful, is enriched by an endless welcome great accommodations, beginning with a tasters paradise, where products from the abundant land exalt the local cuisine, accompanied by a celebrative atmosphere, including festivals and traditional events.



1- From Porto Empedocle at the mouth of the Platani River to the Turkish Steps

It's one of the most suggestive itineraries of the Agrigento coast, where beautiful beaches, hills, cliffs, nature reserves and towns rich in history and art rule.

• Sea, sun and nature scenery - The Beaches of Chaos, Marinella, Lido Azzurro, Punta Grande, La Scala dei Turchi, Lido Rossello, Le Pergole, Giallonardo, Siculiana Marina, Torre Salsa, The Nature Reserve at the Mouth of Torrente Salso,
Laghetto Gorgo, Spiaggia di Bovo Marina, Spiaggia di Eraclea Minoa, Capo Bianco, Riserva Naturale Foce del Fiume Platani, Torrente Salso “Pantano”

Art and history - Porto Empedocle, Realmonte, Siculiana, Montallegro, Cattolica Eraclea

Distances from Agrigento: Porto Empedocle 7 Km - Realmonte 14 Km - Siculiana 20 Km - Cattolica Eraclea 30 Km

Starting from Agrigento, past the Valley of the Temples and on the SS 115, we start our itinerary from Porto Empedocle, first stopping in at contrada Chaos and visiting the birthplace of Luigi Pirandello.

After admiring the beauty of this place, we continue SS 115 to our destination, learning about Porto Empedocle and admiring the impressive Charles V tower and the beauty of the Empedoclina coast with its wide beaches (Marinella and the Lido Azzurro).

Leaving Porto Empedocle and continuing the coast on  SS115 towards Realmonte, you arrive at a deviation indicating the archaeological site of the Roman Villa of "Durrueli" (I century AD.).

After visiting the archaeological site and following the coast, you arrive at ​​Punta Grande, opening out to a panorama that takes your breath away: the beautiful view of the white cliffs of marl of the "Scala dei Turchi", a true jewel on the western part of Agrigento's shoreline. As a setting of incomparable beauty, especially at sunset when the nature of this charming place is magically lit, the Scala dei Turchi is a must for anyone visiting Agrigento. If you want a goog taste of what this place is all about, we recommend a visit to Realmonte, a small town not far from the coast. Its beaches (Lido Rossello and Le Pergole) are dominated by the Tower of Monterosso, which stands on the cliff. The sea that rolls onto the beach is turquoise, crystal clear and transparent - a destination for diving enthusiasts.

Following the state road you arrive at Siculiana, a picturesque village with multicolored façades. A few kilometers from the town you reach Siculiana Marina beach along the coast (one of the most beautiful and pristine coastlines in southern Italy, where untouched nature is reflected in a sea of ​​glass). The nature reserve of Torre Salsa is also in the territory of Siculiana. It preserves one of the most beautiful and wild areas of the coast, where turtles nest. Its coastline stretches for about 6 km and is an alternation of cliffs, dunes and immense and solitary beaches.

Further along the coast you reach the small village of Bovo Marina where there is a beautiful nature reserve with picnic areas to enjoy the beautiful sea in a beautiful pine forest with adequate dining facilities. The itinerary suggests that you go back to visit the small town of Montallegro at the foot of Mount Cicaldo. Nearby, is the Gorgo, a small body of water that is a nature reserve and resting place for migratory birds en route to Africa.

Leaving Montallegro and continuing on SS 115 for about 3 km, you reach the junction that leads to the road to Eraclea Minoa, an ancient Greek city dating back to the fourth century B.C., whose site falls within the territory of Cattolica Eraclea. The archaeological site of Eraclea Minoa is a site of great importance and great charm, even more so for its strategic location. The site, in fact, offers an exceptional view: on one side the blue arc of the Gulf and on the other the white rocks of Capo Bianco overlooking the sea. The Nature Reserve Foce del Fiume Platani is in this area.



2 - From the reserve of Platani, Borgo Bonsignore to the beaches of Seccagrande to the inland areas

It's an itinerary that has a development unusual climb from the sea to penetrate toward the inside and visit Ribera, Caltabellotta and Burgio.

• Scenarios of sea, sun and nature - nature reserve Foce del Fiume Platani, Borgo Bonsignore, Seccagrande

• Scenarios of art and history - Ribera, Caltabellotta, Burgio

Distances from Agrigento: Ribera 50 Km - 60 Km Caltabellotta - Burgio 65 Km

We begin this route from Borgo Bonsignore, west of Reserve Mouth of Platani. Settled on a hill near the sea, it can be reached directly from the SS115. The territory located around Borgo Bonsignore allows you to enjoy exciting visions related to the mouth of the river Platani in which alternate, forests, wheat fields, cultivated land to vineyards and orange groves that end in the nature reserve Mouth of the River Platani dominated the stain and mediterrranea among pines and Eucalyptus, winding paths leading to the sea. The coolness of the vegetation with the beautiful sea make it an ideal destination for those who love the sea and nature in their most pure and untouched, for those who enjoy long walks and soak in the peaceful silence between inebriandi scents and colors typical of this territory.

Further along the beach even more to the west, beyond the river estuary Magazzolo, it meets the popular seaside resort of Secca Grande, a small paradise for lovers of the sea and underwater fishing. From here, take the SS 386, it is easy to reach the city of Ribera founded on the site of the Byzantine "Allava".

After visiting the necropolis of the Bronze Age located on the outskirts of the city and the ruins of the Norman castle of Poggio Diana, the SS 386 we derige to Burgio, reached along about 18 km. The town of Saracen origin, has a large artistic heritage, with more than 19 churches and two castles. The two castles of Burgio, one of Peralta and Ventimiglia are placed first in the center of town and the other about 10 km from the 'village.

Leaving the city of Burgio reach the final destination of our itinerary II which is the city of Caltabellotta ragging along about 16 km between the SS 386 and the SP 47. Suggestive town which lies on the ridge of a high rocky outcrop at the top of which stands the Norman castle said of "Sybil". Viewpoint of the most beautiful in the province, from the cliff you can see the southern Sicilian coast from Marsala to Agrigento and across the valley of vegetables.


3 - Sciacca

This itinerary is dedicated only to the sight of the city of Sciacca, well known tourist center, known for the virtues of its thermal springs, the production of fine ceramics, its beaches, and its sumptuous Carnival, one of the oldest and most beautiful of Sicily .

Distances from Agrigento: Sciacca 62 Km

Sciacca is a beautiful city, rich in works of art and fine architecture, it offers tourists the opportunity to know a monumental and artistic heritage of great interest enriched by picturesque alleys and corners of the picturesque old town.

The coastal profile of Sciacca offers a landscape of extraordinary beauty, its colors, the charm of the various sites and tourist resorts, the purity of the water not only add charm to the beauty of this part of Sicily. Tourists in search of maritime sites are spoiled for choice, it is the ideal place for those who love surfing, canoeing, motor boating, scuba diving, fun equipped beaches. And 'ideal destination for those seeking relaxation, thanks to the amazing diversity of the coast: a crystal clear sea that laps stretches of white sand, coves, cliffs and coves.

Near the city, accessible on foot, the first beach that we meet is that of Stazzone, characterized by a sandy beach and a sea studded with rocks. Soon after we meet the beaches Salus, the Tonnara and Foggia, from the beautiful sandy bottoms. Following the old road to Memphis we are in San Marco, Renella, Maragani, all areas with large and small inlets sometimes sandy sometimes rocky, considered havens for swimmers and divers.

East of the city, towards Ribera, we find the first beach Sovareto, are continuing Lumia, Timpi Russi, Saint George. Really beautiful beaches, almost all-equipped and designed for a tourist accommodation increasingly demanding in Sciacca can reconcile the bathing fun at a healthy spa session.

At the end of the route we recommend not miss a visit to the Enchanted Castle is reached on the way back to Aggrigento SS115, about 1.5 Km.


  4 - The Terre Sicane. By the clear waters of the coast din Menfi, the hot springs of Acqua Pia, up to go back to Monte hadron.

This route allows you to discover an area that has two distinctive sections areas for soil and climatic conditions: a coastline characterized by sandy beaches with typical Mediterranean vegetation and a range of hills, where the climate favors the growth of trees characteristic of the Sicilian woods and undergrowth populated of fauna. It 'an area that concentrates a variety of natural environments that is not reflected in an equally limited territory: beaches, dunes, hills, woods, Mediterranean oasis river and lake. Within this amazing variety of environments you can follow trails and paths that leave discovering places of ancient origin that are worth a visit for the amazing historical and cultural centers.

• Scenarios of sea, sun and nature - The beaches of Porto Palo and Le Insoles, Lido Serrone Cipolazzo, the Lido and the Lido Fiori Bertolino, Terme Acqua Pia, Lake Arancio

• Scenarios of art and history - The land of the Leopard: Menfi, Montevago, Santa Margherita Belice - Among the alleys Saracens: Sambuca di Sicilia

Distances from Agrigento: Menfi 80 Km - 91 Km Montevago - Santa Margherita Belice 86 Km - Sambuca di Sicilia 95 Km


We begin this route from the city of Memphis, one of the municipalities in the province of Agrigento, which together with Montevago, Sambuca di Sicilia and Santa Margherita di Belice, fall within the Valle del Belice and are members of the Wine Road Terre Sicane. It 'an area rich in history, where nature, culture and taste come together, born from the union of public and private entities in the area for the promotion of food and wine in the area.

A visit to these places is not just to admire the architecture and natural beauty, but also to see and enjoy the uniqueness of the area, the unique flavors and special that this land has generated, preserved and guaranteed in time. So this fascinating land, urchins history and where environmental beauty corresponds to a 'rich agriculture of local ecotypes (eg artichoke of Memphis and wine production). Wine Menfi devotes one of the most important cultural initiatives and wine of Italy: Inycon - Craft Show and Wine Festival.

 The coastal strip of the City of Memphis extends for about 10 km and is characterized by sandy beaches, white pebbled beaches and fascinating cliff overlooking the sea. Populated by hares, weasels and hedgehogs, it presents an almost untouched nature, bathed in a sea of ​​varied hues and clean. The beaches along the marina of Porto Palo, a town of Memphis are naturally suitable for a relaxing holiday, immersed in the authentic Sicily. No coincidence Menfi, year after year, was awarded the Blue Flag, a prestigious European award that recognizes the quality of the water. Refer to this coastal strip - westbound - the beaches Porto Palo and Le Insoles - east - the Lido Serrone Cipolazzo, the Lido and the Lido Fiori Bertolino.

An ancient fishing village, Porto Palo is today the most important seaside resort of the area. The beach in front of the village is characterized by calm, warm waters, both for the shallow waters for the shelter of the breakwater near the harbor. The coast is sandy, and here are concentrated the few beach resorts of the area, leaving the rest free access to the beaches. In the village of Porto Palo - ancient port of the Greeks of nearby Selinunte - is another important tower that is one of the visibility that was built in 1583 to defend the Sicilian cities from attack by pirates or privateers. Another important presence within these territories is one of the archaeological sites through which you have discovered, over the years, the origins of Memphis. One of the most important is to Montagnoli of Belice.

The coast, west of Porto Palo, continues with a spectacular cliff where it opens "Cala Insoles", set among lush vegetation.

On the other side of Porto Palo is estente area of ​​Serrone Cipollazzo, subject to landscape. This coastal hillside, is covered by dense vegetation of reeds that gives the giant cape a pristine look. Once past the area Serrone Cipollazzo, we reach the Lido Fiori, a public beach and incredibly wild. The beach is surrounded by golden sand dunes on which stands the white lily of the Mediterranean, as stylish as wild. Two large areas that act as lookout on the horizon, hosting kiosks offering fresh and refreshment. Flowers passed the Lido opens a beautiful sight on two kilometers of coastline covered with white pebbles polished by the sea, the Lido Bertolino. As background scenery raked by vineyards from which comes the good wine, the pride of Memphis. Here is the perfect place to enjoy photo must for capturing an impressive optical phenomenon, when the sun is at its zenith reflected on the stones, creating a golden glow and blinding.






 Leaving Menfi, percorrenndo the S.P. 42 for about 15 km, we reach the S.S. 188, about 3 km, leads us to Montevago, a favorite destination for spa tourism. Around the Terme Acqua Pia, today was built a hotel complex with swimming pools fed by the same hot springs, natural center tub, beauty therapy center, restaurants, playground, camping, picnic area and horse riding.

Montevago left, continuing for about 3 km we reach the village of Santa Margherita Belice, other municipality affected by the earthquake of '68 which changed the look. The reputation of the country is linked to the Park of the Leopard and, in particular is known for the careful and meticulous description Tomasi di Lampedusa did in the novel "The Leopard".

From Santa Margherita Belice, covering about 11 km., It reaches Sambuca di Sicilia that, its complex past, offers visitors the picturesque streets and neighborhoods Saracens, whose expressions are living them vaneddi seven (seven lanes Arabs). I am a intrecarsi of streets and lanes that branch off from the remains of the ancient castle Arab Castle Zabut. Outside the town, heading north, do not miss the remains of the "Roman-style" which brought water from the district Adragna the country. Following the signs, you will reach the site of the archaeological excavations of Adranone, and imposing ancient city greek-Punic sottocolonia of Selinunte to the border with the territory of Elmi.

To the south of the country, near Lake Orange - where it is advisable to dwell before reaching Sambuca di Sicilia, the fort remains of the Arab Mazzallakkar, which emerge towers only in the summer months, when the lake level is lowered.

For lovers of the bike - The Bike Trail

Three possible routes:

Porto Palo - Castelvetrano 24 Km - asphalt road. Route selection, beautiful landscape of greenery, this difficulty sometimes with steep climbs

Menfi - Porto Palo 7 Km - pedestrian asphalt. The route runs on the old railway line Menfi-Porto Palo. It is a narrow gauge railway that linked-Sciacca-Castelvetrano Magazzolo-Porto Empedocle. (See historical notes and photos on the site http://www.lestradeferrate.it/mono39.htm).

Sciacca - Porto Palo 23 km - asphalt road. In the countryside, between olive groves, vineyards, orange groves, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, moderate ups and step down



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